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    How to get your books



    Choose your audiobooks and place in cart.

    NOTE: They are marked as a penny so the store will function.


    Click 'I have a promo code' and enter FREEAUDIO

    (It will remove the penny)


    Check Out

    Fill out the check out information. Check out.



    Your codes will be sent to you through the email you used.


    At this time it is done manually, so please allow a day or two.



    1. Go to www.audible.com/acx-promo.
    2. Enter the promo code you were given.
    3. Click Redeem. ...
    4. Once you sign in or create your Audible account, the audiobook will be available in your library.
    5. You do NOT need to sign up for a membership, a FREE account at Audible is all you need.
  • Authors and Narrators

    Listing Your Title

    Right now, I will list your title free. If this becomes popular, there will be a small fee. Until then just feel free to contact me to get listed

    How Does it Work?

    You will need to send me a small resolution of your cover and a short description. It will be listed under 'New' and whatever appropriate category. When you get an order, it will be forwarded to you to fulfill and send the code. You may follow up with the listener.


    You can remove the listing at anytime.


    To get listed, just visit the CONTACT link or email me at drugaaudio@gmail.com

  • Contact Me

    Feel free to reach out.